250 years ago the Rowtail empire rose to power after a destructive civil war across the continent of Toral. For the next 150 years King Rawthorn and his sons would rule the lands of Toral justly. However, one of his future descendants, Anthalos Rowtail, desired the right to rule even though he wasn’t in line for the crown. He meddled with dark forces and made pacts with evil gods to try and secure an army to fight against his father and brothers. He and his followers lost control of the magic they sought and were transformed into Tieflings. With their new magic prowess and power they waged war for 50 years. After much blood, Rowtail won the war, but not without consequence. In the process they lost control of much land and lost many citizens of both noble and common birth. From this war nations were born. The Free Lands of Toral and the Tiefling nation of Sarcan came to be. Many refugees and unwilling participants in the war relocated to the Dwarven kingdom of Metchen in the northern mountains. There has been and uneasy peace for the past 50 years, and as all know… peace only lasts so long.

The Fall of Toral